Can I return items purchased on the marketplace?

Return policies are unique for each vendor.

Some vendors may accept returns or offer an exchange.
Some vendors may not.

Vendors can add a return policy onto the item listing.  If one isn't present, contact the item vendor with any questions you may have.

What is the vendor verification process?

Sellers are encouraged to verify their accounts to gain trust from buyers.

To verify your vendor account, simply upload a clear photo of the front of your drivers license or Gov issued ID.

This security measure was implemented to prevent "fake" vendor accounts and it strongly discourages vendors from listing prohibited, illegal, stolen, & counterfeit items.  

Are there any fees to sell items on the marketplace?

Sellers (vendors) save BIG on fees when listing items on the marketplace.

Here is the breakdown of vendor fees...

-Store Subscription-
Small (FREE) 100 items per month.
Medium ($25) 1000 items per month.
Large ($50) 5,000 items per month.
BigBox ($100) 10,000 items per month.

-Listing Fees-
There is no charge to list items.

-Final Value / Item Sold Fees-
There is no charge to sell items.

-Withdrawal Fees-
We charge a fee of 4% + $1.00 per withdrawal request.
This fee covers our processing costs (*fees we pay to Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)

Are there any fees to purchase items from the marketplace?

No.  It's 100% FREE to purchase items from the marketplace.